Currently, the plan for the 2020 Libertarian National Convention that is still in place is to convene in Austin, Texas at the JW Marriott on May 22nd. This can and likely may change. We have been continually monitoring the situation through posted government orders, and have been communicating with both the venue and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau.

It has been communicated to us that the JW Marriott in Austin plans to reopen May 8th, and that as current orders stand, they will be fully operational for our convention.

The Governor of Texas announced that a plan should be forthcoming this week to open Texas back up for Business. We note that there are no current end dates on the Governor’s previous travel curtailments for those entering Texas.

On April 13th, the Mayor of Austin and Travis County issued orders that facial masks are required in public and social distancing is still in effect. This order is in effect through May 8th with possible extension.

It has become clear to us that social distancing measures and other orders are highly probable to still be in effect during our event and that we must plan accordingly.

The Convention Oversight Committee and other subcommittees of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) have been communicating to formulate plans for any contingency.

These plans include but are not limited to proceeding with the current dates, postponing to another date and possibly another place, forgoing in-person events to conduct convention business electronically, or some combinations of these.

On May 2nd, the LNC has called a meeting via videoconference for the purpose of evaluating the current state of affairs and taking needed actions at this time.

The COC should be sharing recommendations in a report to the LNC about 5 days prior to this date. Please, bear in mind that this is still an extremely fluid situation and anything can change at any time.

We thank our delegates, attendees, candidates, and sponsors for their continued patience.

Please, be well and stay safe

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