The convention centers around convention business by the national delegates selected by the state parties. But there’s plenty to do, even if you’re not a delegate. All Libertarians, Libertarian Party (LP) members, LP delegates, and those who are interested in learning about Libertarianism are encouraged to attend and help shape the future of the LP and the liberty movement. 

Sponsors can see their name or cause up in lights.  Liberty-oriented vendors provide an opportunity to network or to purchase that new Libertarian t-shirt or bumper sticker.  

You can register to get a package, even if you’re not a delegate. Training is available at a very reasonable price for Libertarians who want to learn to be more politically effective. Meal packages are also available.

Family, friends, and observers who aren’t ticketed convention attendees are most welcome to watch the non-ticketed events in the main hall, take in the exhibits, and enjoy family-friendly attractions, shopping and recreational opportunities.

If you’re looking to be a delegate, please contact your state party to learn how to be appointed as an official voting delegate from your state. 

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