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If you are able to get onto Zoom and haven’t joined the Convention Zoom meeting yet, you join the Delegate Support Zoom session. If you are already signed in to the Convention Zoom site, you can join the Delegate support Zoom meeting from another device or you can call in at (669) 900-9128. The meeting ID is 876 7012 5951, with no password.

If that doesn’t work, you can call Kevin Moore directly at (650) 336-0242.

Note: I am looking for five people who can help field questions from delegates during the busiest times: Friday from 2:30-4pm and Saturday from 6:30-9am. Please email me if you can help!

STEP 0: Validate Your Email

Your email for this convention is VERY VERY important. It will be used for access to the convention and for voting. If you’re not sure whether the LNC has the correct email address for you, you need to ask your state chair what email address they entered for you. That is the ONLY email address the LNC will be using.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an application that allows people to have video meetings over the internet. They were founded in 2011 and have a solid reputation. You can learn more about Zoom here.

To use Zoom, you’ll need to download the app. The easiest way to do this is to join a meeting – the app will automatically download when you join. You can also download the Zoom Client for Meetings manually here, and you can learn more about downloading the app here.

How do I use Zoom?

New to Zoom? You can find some great pointers on how to use Zoom on this FAQ page, and you can also find information about Getting Started or Joining a Meeting there.

Help! I Can’t Log In!

If you’re having trouble logging in to the meeting, you probably need to use your Zoom password and not the meeting password. Here’s what’s going on:

When you click the link to join the LP Convention Zoom meeting, the meeting password is automatically included as part of the link. In fact I don’t think there’s any scenario where you’ll be asked for the meeting password; if you get to a login page you need to log in to your Zoom account.

How do I set up my audio / microphone for Zoom? You can join a test Zoom meeting to familiarize yourself with the Zoom and test your microphone/speakers before joining a Zoom meeting. You can also test your video or audio while in a Zoom meeting. Note: If you are using the Zoom app on mobile, you can visit http://zoom.us/test to join a test meeting, then follow the instructions to test your video or audio.

I’m already familiar with Zoom

What do I need to know for the Convention?We’re using a Webinar format for the convention. That means that only a small number of people – “Panelists” – will be visible and able to talk most of the time. Your state delegate is one of those Panelists. You’ll be able to listen and observe once you’re logged in.

In order to participate in the convention with a question or motion, you’ll need to use one of the webinar communication channels.

  • For general communication during the conference, you’ll need to raise your hand. There’s a button to raise your hand that will appear when you hover over the Zoom screen. (Image pending). If you join the meeting by dial-in, you will not be able to raise your hand so we recommend using the desktop or mobile app. After you raise your hand, a convention administrator will put you in line to speak. When it’s your turn, you will be temporarily added as a Panelist so you can speak. You’ll need to unmute your Zoom audio and enable video in order to be heard and/or seen.
  • For privileged communication such as points of order (full list pending) that need to happen out of order, use the “Q&A” button in the Zoom window. (Image pending). The Q&A button is only for privileged communication. If you have an objection, here are some abbreviations you should use in the Q&A to make sure your objection is heard in a timely manner:
    • POO:    Point of Order
    • POI:      Point of Information
    • POPI:    Point of Parliamentary Inquiry
    • PPP:     Point of Personal Privilege
    • Seconding a motion

    You can find information about Roberts rules of order here, and about privileged motions here.

  • In order to vote, you will receive an email at your delegate-registered email address. Follow the instructions in the electionbuddy.com link to cast your vote in a timely manner.

How do I communicate with my state delegation?

The California delegation will be hosting an online session over Slack for delegates to speak with each other during the convention. Check your email for an invitation to the Slack group. We’ll be using this to talk with each other during the convention. This is a way to let Mimi know if you’re having trouble, not getting a ballot, or just to chat about how Taxation is Theft during the convention. Chat is disabled in the Zoom convention webinar.

Other states have their own communication channels planned during the convention. For some states like Kentucky (7) and Delaware (4), you can just shout at the people on the other side of the room. For other states like Florida (54) and New York (48), check with your state executive committee (and check your email!) for details on how to stay in touch during the convention.

Note: It’s tricky to join two Zoom meetings at the same time on the same device, even if you have two screens. An option is to use a different application for the second meeting since some people might not have two viable devices. (Attention state ExComs – I recommend against two Zoom meetings.)

Courtesy and Etiquette for the Convention

Etiquette? In an LNC Convention?!? Yes – there are some things that will help to make sure the convention runs smoothly. Please do your best to honor the following protocols:

  • ONLY use the Q&A section for Privileged motions (points of order, personal privilege, etc.)
  • Do not get in line preemptively for matters that cannot be heard yet.
  • If you have two systems with audio of the convention, please mute them if you are acknowledged to speak to avoid feedback in the audio link

That’s it! Everything else should work just as they would at an in-person convention.


Q: Help! My Zoom meeting password doesn’t work!

A: If you clicked the link in your email, the meeting password was already entered; you need to enter your personal Zoom login and password. If you’ve forgotten your personal Zoom login or password, you’ll need to go to zoom.com in a different window and click the login link where you’ll find a link to reset your password.

Q: I clicked the scroll bar and my Zoom meeting went away! How do I get it back?

A: If you can still hear the meeting, most likely you clicked the scroll bar on a DIFFERENT window that was behind the Zoom window. Minimize that window, or click on the Zoom window link at the bottom of your screen, and you should be able to bring it back to the front.

If you haven’t resolved your issue, please join our live support available during the convention.

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