2020 Libertarian National Convention Speakers

Please Note: Speaker line-up subject to change due to COVID-19 convention rescheduling. We are making every effort to update this list and we encourage you to check back regularly.  We thank you for your patience.

Convention Speakers:

Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin calls himself a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer.

Jim Cantrell

Jim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vector. He brings 30 years of aerospace systems technology expertise to the table.

Joel Trammell

Joel Trammell

Joel is a tech entrepreneur and CEO from Austin and a Lifetime Member of the Libertarian Party.

Lisa Jaster

Lisa Jaster

Lisa is an engineer and soldier. She was the third woman ever to graduate from Army Ranger School.

Jeff Hewitt

Jeff Hewitt

Jeff currently serves as County Supervisor in Riverside County, CA, overseeing an annual budget of over $5 billion for over 2 million people.

Cara Schulz

Cara is a sitting city council member for Burnsville, MN, population 60,000, and Candidate Recruitment Specialist for the LNC.

Matthew Hurtt

Matthew Hurtt is the Director of External Relationships for Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Grassroots Leadership Academy.

Lauren Daugherty

Lauren Daugherty

Lauren was previously the Development Director of the Libertarian Party. In 2018, she received 22% of the vote for Justice of the Peace in Waco.

Andy Burns

Andy is Affiliate Development Specialist for the National LP, previously served as the LPMN Executive Director, technologist.

Carla Howell

Former Political Director and Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, and creator of “Who’s Driving?”

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